School of Politics and Public Administration


Opening Ceremony of the Class of 2020

The School of Political Science and Public Administration of Southwest University of Politics and Law held the opening ceremony for the Class of 2020 in the academic lecture hall on the second floor of the Duxing Building at 7:00 p.m. on September 28, 2020. All the new undergraduates, postgraduates and MPA students of the Class of 2020 attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Liu Linhong, Secretary of the Party Committee.

The ceremony is composed of 7 agenda items: (1) official commencement in the solemn national anthem; (2) statement by Chen Yinyuru, the representative of the new 2020 undergraduate students, who emphasizes that the new 2020 students, as the witness of the 70th Anniversary of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, shoulder the important responsibility of carrying forward the SWUPL’s spirit and revitalizing China, advocates that young people should be diligent and pragmatic in their studies and uphold the truthful spirit of knowledge and practice; (3) statement by Xing Chunjie, the representative of MPA new students, who believes that returning to campus for further study is a happiness and opportunity, with increased responsibility for the society and family, and unchanged youthful original intention and the expectation of future achievement; (4) statement by Lu Sizhu, a postgraduate in Political Science of the Class of 2020, who speaks on behalf of the new academic postgraduates, saying that the new young generation should not forget the original intention and move forward bravely, and hold up at the new starting point the SWUPL’s Dream for the Chinese Dream to meet more opportunities and challenges; (5) statement by Jin Ying, the teacher representative, who says that at the current period of rapid progress in the school’s development, the school has made a lot of achievements under the leadership team, which provides a better platform and broad opportunities for students, and hopes that students and teachers could move towards their dreams hand in hand through joint efforts, friendly negotiation and detailed planning; (6) statement by the Dean Zhou Zhenchao, who puts forward 3 points as for study, i.e., keep your original intention and let learning become a way of life; the way of learning is persistence; and the process of learning is the process of cultivating oneself, emphasizes the SWUPL’s motto of “Knowledge, Practice, Virtue, Law” and expresses his best wishes to the new students; and (7) the ceremony coming to an end with the school song.

The opening ceremony has great significance to the education of the new students for their enhanced understanding of the school, obtaining of the teachers’ earnest instructions, and preliminary understanding and planning of university life. Now, they are officially embarking on a new path of life.

Liu Linhong, Secretary of the Party Committee, presiding over the opening ceremony

Statement by Chen Yinru, representative of new undergraduate students

Statement by Xing Chunjie, representative of MPA students

Statement by Lu Sizhu, representative of academic graduate students

Statement by Associate Professor Jin Ying, representative of the faculty

Statement by Professor Zhou Zhenchao, Deputy Secretary and Dean

Sing the school song